Ash Trays

Nothing can do the job that ashtrays were meant to do, as well as they do them. Ashtrays can have style, as well as function. They perform the important task of protecting your furniture. They also protect your fingers from awkwardly shaped receptacles that were never meant to hold lit cigarettes safely. In this way, ashtrays prevent very hot or lit objects from rolling onto furniture or falling on the floor, which can be dangerous. Ashtrays, unlike plates, containers, or other receptacles that people might try to use, are built specifically to withstand the heat of a lit match or cigarette. And yet they still wash up and look brand new, to be used again and again. Ashtrays can be an important part of accessorizing your rooms. Because they become part of your decor, you can choose the colors, shapes, and functions that are perfect for your lifestyle!

Ashtray Value Pack

Wholesale Ashtray Value Pack Price: $36.17

A smokin' great deal, this value pack features 3 plastic ashtrays with 3...

Square Plastic Ashtray

Wholesale Square Plastic Ashtray Price: $11.18

Perfect for keeping ashes or cigarette butts in one spot, this Square Plastic...